My Name is Kelly and I am a Compulsive Blog Reader

by Kelly on August 2, 2008 · 40 comments

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I have always been a big reader. In fact, I cannot remember a time when I did not read. Sometimes I think I was born clutching a novel in my hand.

But in the past 18 months I have discovered a new reading addiction.


The first blog I ever subscribed to (by email because I had no idea what RSS was) was Copyblogger. If you want to learn how to write clean, compelling blog posts and web copy then Brian Clarke is THE MAN. I think everyone in marketing, advertising, blogging or with a small business should subscribe to Copyblogger. Follow his advice and your writing will improve ten-fold. He has the absolute best headlines too.

Darren Rowse at Problogger made me see blogs were a unique new way to self-publish and build an on-line community. Yaro Starak at Entrepreurs Journey then provided me with the technical skills and little details of what blogging was all about. Yaro excels at step by step explanations and I recommend him as the go-to guy for both beginner bloggers and people interested in learning how to build an on-line business.

Soon I was hooked and added a few more blogs to my reading list. These were ZenHabits, Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week, Chris Garrett on New Media and the now defunct Success from the Nest.

By January 2008 I was starting to network with other bloggers, and my blog-roll filled out as I became excited by the quality of information on blogs and the great people I was meeting. Since then I have regularly added new blogs to my reading list. Some of them I comment on regularly, others occasionally, and the rest I lurk (sorry!).

What’s in my Google Reader

Today, I thought I’d share what’s in my Google Reader. Maybe there’s a blog here you haven’t heard of before that is right up your alley. Maybe we have the same taste and can celebrate our like-mindedness. Either way,

SHE-POWER is all about sharing, and what better thing to share than a love of reading!

These blogs are ordered from my longest subscription to most recent.

An Island Life – Paradise Edition

In My Heels – Tips for Love, Life, You

The Growing Life – Alternative Productivity. Anti-Hacks for Living

Cath Lawson – Bold Advice for Business Success

GoodLifeZen – Personal Growth with a Spiritual Twist

Delightful Work – Coach Tom Volkar on Pursuing Work Life Freedom

Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom

Skelliewag – Innovation. Ideas. Simplicity

AnyWired – Work Online, Work Anywhere, Live Free

Watdawat – One Man’s Adventures in Parenting Five Crazy Children, while Educating Ninety More

The Discomfort Zone – A Daring Adventure Life Coaching

Illuminated Mind – The Less Boring Side of Personal Development

Productive Flourishing – Beyond Lifehacks. Toward Living

Monk Mojo’s 1000 Cuts – Hacking Life with a Dull Blade

Think Simple Now – Creativity, Clarity & Happiness

The Writer’s Manifesto Blog – Freelance Writing. Blogging. Work from Home

My Tropical Escape – Lifestyle Design. Entrepreneurship. Travel


Blogging Without A Blog – Blogging Lessons, Links and Observations

The Internet Entrepreneur Diary – Word Like an Entrepreneur & Play Hard Like a Billionaire

The Happiest Blog on Earth – Great Smiles. Happy Life

The Simple Dollar – Financial Talk for the Rest of Us

Passion Based Learning

Self Made Chick – Make Money Online, Work from Home, and Take Back Your Life

The Simple Marriage Project – Simple Relationship Design – Weekly Articles about Blogging

Alex Shalman – Practical Personal Development

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog – Thinking, Writing, Business Ideas… You’re Only a Stranger Once

MomGrind – Mommyblogger Wannabe

Dumb Little Man – Tips for Life

Awake at the Wheel – Tips, Strategies and Conversations at the Crossroads of Work, Life, Entrepreneurship and Play

Location Independent Living – Live and Work from Anywhere You Choose

Men With Pens – Web Business Tips for Writers, Freelancers and Online Entrepreneurs

Gunfighter: A Modern Warrior’s Life

We The Change – Personal Development for Conscious People

Island Wench – Celebrating the Joy of Living on an Island through Creative Living, Spiritual Crafts and other Soul Transformational Activities

Write to Done – Unmissable Articles on Writing

IttyBiz – Work from Home Tips to Help You Stay Sane

Telling It Like It Is – Things You Need to Know about Marriage, Relationships and Parenting

Attraction Mind Map – Attracting Abundance Begins in the Mind

Success Soul – Abundance and Simplicity for Mind, Body & Soul

The Art of Non-Conformity – Unconventional Strategies for Work, Life and Travel

Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online

7P Productions – Dedicated to Achieving Goals and Dreams

iNeedMotivation – Self Improvement & Motivation for Logical People

Hunter Nuttall .com – Stop Sucking and Live A Life of Abundance


A Few Strong Words – Freelance. Writing. Life



Today is that Day – Create Life in Your Image

San Diego Momma – but it could happen anywhere…

Urban Panther’s Lair – The Strange Behaviours of Wildcats in an Urban Setting

Let’s Live Forever!

Pun Intended – Daily Humor and Escapism

Bloody hell, I had no idea I read so many blogs!

I’m tempted to say, if you know of another blog I might like, then drop me a line. But I’m not sure my family will thank you.

Then again, I’m expanding my mind, feeding my thirst for knowledge and perspective. One or two more blogs can’t hurt… Just whisper it so MusicMan doesn’t hear.

And check out some of the fabulous blogs on my list. I recommend all of them and I thank their writers for getting me thinking and keeping me entertained over the past year.

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1 Ribeezie 08.02.08 at 10:49 pm

I can’t help it either! I love reading… Both books and blogs it would seem since my feedreader cracked 300+. I have mine categorized by topic and ones I visit daily and comment on. The others I skim (yea, I lurk too). Every so often, when a conversation is interesting enough, I’ll either bring the conversation back to my blog in the form of a post or start a good thread in the comments…

2 Charlie Gilkey 08.02.08 at 10:56 pm

Hi Kelly! (said in that group tone from AA meetings)

I’ve had to cut back on blog reading – but there are just some blogs that I can’t stop reading. Yours is one of them! I try to keep my list short enough that I can comment on most of the ones I actively read, but I still find myself lurking on about a third. I guess it’s comforting to know on those posts where you’re not getting comments that people have actually read them, but they’re just lurking.

This is post is a great idea – you may have unwittingly started a meme here.

Thanks for the link!

Charlie Gilkey’s last blog post..Reader Question Answered: Being Productive vs. Writing About Productivity

3 Lin 08.03.08 at 12:45 am

Hi Kelly,

I’m happy to know you enjoy my blog. I’m also subscribed to most of those listed, but there’s a couple I haven’t known about, so I’ll be sure to check those out too.

Copyblogger and Problogger were two of the first blogs I heard about when I started and I’ve learned a lot from both of these guys. Always something new and fresh.

I enjoy following along with both of them on Twitter (as well as hundreds of others), and being able to chat with them all and build relationships with fellow bloggers.

I’d like to recommend that you check out Liz Strauss’ blog at and Lorelle on WordPress blog at

Both of these ladies are phenomenal, and I’ve had the joy of meeting both of them in person and chatting with them personally and highly recommend subscribing to both.

Lin’s last blog post..24 Interludes of Life

4 San Diego Momma 08.03.08 at 1:22 am

Oh CRAP. I’m already on the brink of divorce over my blog addiction. Now I’m really screwed.

Thanks for the linkage! And I’m completely going to check out all of these. Thanks for sharing (sorta). :)

San Diego Momma’s last blog post..Overdue

5 Bamboo Forest 08.03.08 at 1:26 am

Hello. Thanks for the link :-) And thanks for reading.

You have a nice list going here.

I agree with your sentiment about copyblogger. I read every post, and feel as if I’m getting a free and valuable education.

6 Vered 08.03.08 at 3:16 am

Another addict here. :)

Thanks for the link! I am not familiar with about third of your list. On my way to check them out. I guess it’s a good think Ido took the kids to the playground. 😉

Vered’s last blog post..So, Another Guest Post

7 Urban Panther 08.03.08 at 5:08 am

It’s sort of like ethical voyeurism. Well, not that we are peeking into each other’s sex lives…well, except there seemed to be a lively public debate going on about whether the Urbane Lion should shave his family jewels or not…but you know what I mean. *grin*

Urban Panther’s last blog post..You found what in his cabinet?

8 Monica 08.03.08 at 5:43 am

Thank you for sharing your list with us – it’s fun to get a peek into your fave reads.
I satisfy my blog addiction during my daughters afternoon nap, I’m already shaking thinking about what to do when the naps are a thing of the past!
I see quite a few blogs here that I cannot wait to check out and looks like we share a mutual interest in many of the same blogs.

9 chris 08.03.08 at 7:26 am

Hi, my name is Chris and I too am a blogoholic but no one really knows how bad I’ve gotten since I do all my blogging activities behind closed doors: during lunch breaks, in between classes, when everyone is asleep. To be quite honest, I wasn’t really hooked until I found Kelly. Then she commented back on my blog and stumbled one of my posts and the all hell broke loose…After a huge, and I mean huge spike on my traffic, I was hooked forever.

Of course I’m not blaming Kelly for my addiction. I take full responsibility for my actions (this is what I learned from reading too many self-improvement blogs). One thing for sure, this is not an addiction that I want to cure. In fact, I’m trying to hook my entire family and my studetns to blogging and reading blogs. So you can pretty much say that I’m not only a blog junkie, I’m also a blog pusher.

Any new good blog out there, I could use a hit right now?

chris’s last blog post..A Meaningful Life

10 Bob Younce at the Writing Journey 08.03.08 at 7:30 am

Excellent post, Kelly! I, too am a compulsive blog reader. Somehow, though, several of these blogs weren’t yet in my list.

I’ll add, too, that CopyBlogger and ProBlogger really are the place to start if you want to really get a handle on blogging and blog writing. Yet, somehow, I still encounter folks who haven’t heard of them. Granted, it’s not often…

Bob Younce at the Writing Journey’s last blog post..Start Your Writing Career Now!

11 Robin 08.03.08 at 9:09 am

Hi Kelly – thanks for subscribing – I’ve subscribed to you too, which is why I am looking at this before 9 am on Sunday morning.

I agree – blogging is addictive! – isn’t Chris funny with his “blog pusher” – I’m doing that too, tho’ not with much success (yet)

Robin’s last blog post..Is Living Like Today Might Be Your Last A Good Idea?

12 Natural 08.03.08 at 10:21 am

reading blogs has also cut in my time that i used to spend reading books. i could finish one at leisure in 7 days or less, now much longer. If its a good book though, I will eat it up.

Natural’s last blog post..Bye-Bye Birdie

13 Hunter Nuttall 08.03.08 at 12:31 pm

I just passed 100 blogs in my reader, and I’m trying to cut back because I just can’t keep up. It looks like I’m not going to be able to cut back anytime soon, because these look great! Thanks for the link.

Hunter Nuttall’s last blog post..Randy And His Wonderful Pauschisms

14 Kelly 08.03.08 at 2:01 pm

Looks like I’m in good company with my addiction. Thanks for making me feel less like a loser with no off-line life, everyone.

And by the way, I have added another blog to my list – I subscribe via email so I forgot about that one until I read my inbox.

I can’t believe you have over 300 blogs in your reader. Do you get time to wash at all? I’m just asking… But seriously you must be very organized to handle that kind of reading volume without feeling like you have to attach the laptop to your wrist so you can like catch up on your reading in the car. Kudos to you. And I guess that means I should be asking you who to read.

It would be good if I started a meme because I think the blogs people read tell us something about them as a person. For example I read your blog and skim the productivity stuff because as you know it’s not so much my thing, but I love it when you get personal and philosophical. You’re a beautiful writer, Charlie. Don’t let the academic inside take over.

I do read Liz’s blog. My typesetting just got a bit mucked up and so she probably didn’t stand out. I don’t comment there as often as I should, but where would us bloggers be without the likes of Liz Strauss. And thanks for the heads up on Lorelle, I’ll check her blog out.

@San Diego Momma
I shouldn’t be, but I am relieved that I’m not the only person arguing with their hubby over my blogging life :)

@Bamboo Forest
I really do worship Brian Clarke. I’m not kidding.

Glad to give you some more reading material :)

@Urban Panther
I wish more people WOULD blog about their sex lives. I like it when things get juicy!


15 Kelly 08.03.08 at 2:14 pm

Ah, the end of the afternoon nap – yes I remember it well…
I think I hunted down another day of childcare after that. LOL!

I turned you on to blogs? I didn’t know that. And now looking at my wording people might get a bit suspicious about our relationship. I might be inadvertently starting a rumour. So, let’s set the record straight: “I have never had inappropriate blogging relations with that man!”

And I tried to be a pusher, Chris. I sent a few samples out to friends and colleagues, tried to source quality merchandise, but I had almost no bites. The people in my off-line world think I’m a bit soft in the head with this whole blog addiction. They prefer their plasma tv crack, but at least my habit’s cheaper.

Glad to be of service. Actually looking at your blog name, I could swear I subscribe to you too. I’ll have to check.

Nice to have new blogging friends. Look forward to getting to know you better :)

I know what you mean. I don’t read as many books anymore either.


16 Ribeezie 08.03.08 at 6:57 pm

@Kelley: LOL! No, no…don’t get me wrong. There’s a handful of ones that I read regularly and engage in (you know, comment on). The rest, I’ve learned to scan for titles and a lot I lurk around. Every so often something will catch my eye and I’ll pause and discuss in the comment thread. 300 is waaayy too much to read especially when I have Constitutional Law texts to keep me busy during the week! So yes, I do scan posts sometimes (I’m sorry…but hey, everyone does it..).

Ribeezie’s last blog post..If you could live anywhere in the world…

17 Monika Mundell 08.03.08 at 9:47 pm

Hi Kelly,

These are all groovy looking blogs. I actually found a couple of new ones too, so thanks for the pointer. Talking about addicted. Perhaps we need to start a BAA group and meet over virtual coffee and bikkies. Arg…..who said the day had only 24 hours anyway.

Monika Mundell’s last blog post..Emotional Connections To Beat Creative Blocks

18 Kelly 08.03.08 at 11:11 pm

Great idea, but bikkies are another of my addictions. Agh, I’m nothing but a bikkie bloggy junkie!


19 Tom Volkar / Delightful Work 08.03.08 at 11:39 pm

Hi Kelly,

I’m honored to remain among your subscribers and I’m grateful for the recognition. I find my blog reading to be a whole lot healthier and more inspiring than watching the nightly news. I feel like every time I subscribe, comment or even read a blog that I’m supporting my fellow bloggers and that feels good.

Tom Volkar / Delightful Work’s last blog post..Seize the Freedom of Self-Employment

20 Graham Strong 08.03.08 at 11:44 pm

Hi Kelly,

Just noticed your post here (it’s been a busy week!) but I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you I’m honoured to make it onto your Google Reader. I must admit though, I do have some mixed feelings about being an enabler…

Talk about birds of a feather though! Just saw your tweet and had to find out more — I too am a “non-practicing traveller”. Up until about 3 B.C. (Before Children) we used to be globetrotters. Not tourists mind you, but backpackers, travellers, explorers. We actually were deciding between India and SE Asia when our first came along. We did manage one last hurrah through Ireland after he was born, but now with three boys, it costs that much more to go anywhere — and it’s that much harder to scrape the money together to do it!

There must be a blog out there for people with itchy feet — I’m going to search that out.

Speaking of which, thanks for giving us a peek into your blogs. I follow quite a few myself, so I see more subscriptions in my future (starting with yours of course).

See you ’round the ‘sphere.


Graham Strong’s last blog post..One Dime Is All It Cost: How to Keep Your Content Current (And Why You Should…)

21 Evelyn Lim 08.04.08 at 12:11 am

Hey Kelly, thanks for subscribing to my blog feeds. Yes…most definitely…you are also on my list of blogs!


Evelyn Lim’s last blog post..Happy Friendship Day – Sunday August 3, 2008

22 Kat 08.04.08 at 4:23 am

I’d say holy cow tha’ts a lot blogs, but I have like 250 in my reader. Of course, I can’t actually read that many and often get overwhelmed. I will be checking out a few more that you’ve listed. Thanks for the post.

Kat’s last blog post..Damn that Reader

23 Tim Brownson 08.04.08 at 4:48 am

Thanks a lot for the mention Kelly, I’m really grateful.

Reading blogs is a cool thing imho and I agree wholeheartedly with Tom that it beats watching the local news hands down. Not only that, but I feel like I have about 50 friends that I didn’t have this time last year and that can only be a good thing.

24 Marelisa 08.04.08 at 6:55 am

Hi Kelly: I don’t know if you want people suggesting other great blogs to you (I guess we need a sponsor, otherwise we’re just a bunch of blog addicts pulling each other deeper into the addiction) but here’s one: Thank you for the link, and you’re in my reader as well.

Marelisa’s last blog post..Inspiration Sunday: This is My Song – Finlandia (August 3, 2008)

25 Kelly 08.04.08 at 11:30 am

I agree, I ‘d much rather read blogs and support my blogging friends. It’s choosing to be part of a community really, isn’t it? I also don’t watch the news and I have cut back my newspaper reading to weekends only.

Travelling with 3 kids is definitely a costly exercise. You just have to think, those travelling shoes may be in the cupboard now, but they’ll come back one day. me, I think I’ll stick with one kid so I can continue to feed my passion. And as for a blog for people with itchy feet, I love The Art of Non-Conformity listed above. Great blog for people like us!

Thanks for dropping by :)

I think lots of us collect blogs that may not be read – they just sit and gather dust. I culled mine back to the above list after my Spain trip. I probably had another 20 before, but I didn’t check them regularly so I let them go. It helps that StumbleUpon gives me access to lots of great stuff as well as my reader.

I like the way you put that. Having 50 friends I didn’t have last year. So true. And I really should stop in and comment more at yours and Tom’s blogs. You’ll see me around soon.

I have heard On Simplicity mentioned quite a bit around my reading list so it’s funny I haven’t checked it out yet. Will do. Thanks for the info.


26 Al at 7P 08.04.08 at 3:41 pm

Hi Kelly,

They say great minds think alike and I hope it’s the same for blog reading, because I think I subscribe to about 70% of the same blogs you do! These are some great blogs on your list. I was pleasantly surprised to be included as well (thank you!).

I agree about Copyblogger. A sign of a person who’s good at what he does is when he makes it look easy. And Brian Clark makes blogging look so easy.

Al at 7P’s last blog post..Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

27 Barbara Swafford 08.04.08 at 5:31 pm

Hi Kelly,

How sweet of you to include me in the list. For that I thank you. I laughed as I read some of the comments, It sounds like a bloggers confessional. Like most before me, I can’t get enough of blogging and reading other blogs. Who knew that putting our thoughts online, for everyone to could create such an addictive habit. It’s great to know I’m in such fine company. Happy Blogging!

Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..Interview With Lorelle VanFossen – Part 7 – From Blogging to Publishing

28 VeRonda 08.05.08 at 2:50 am

OMG!! I know… I can’t believe how many blogs I actually visit (and read). For me, it’s like, I never knew there were so many interesting people and stories out there. And, the general population just wants to share and teach and learn. It’s great! Oh, and yes, very habit forming. Hubby often comes into the room asking if I’m still blogging… I know that’s my very slight cue to show someone else a bit of attention other than my laptop keys! LOL!

VeRonda’s last blog post..Olympic Faves

29 Gunfighter 08.05.08 at 4:02 am

Thank you for the mention, Kelly!

I am pleased to be in your blogroll… so pleased I won’t discuss that little rugby match that took place in NZ the other night.


Gunfighter’s last blog post..Stuff

30 Kelly 08.05.08 at 8:40 am

That’s mighty kind of you, but since I grew up in New Zealand for the first 10 years of my life (I was born in Oz) I don’t pick sides when it comes to the All Blacks. And I can do a fearsome haka too…


31 Kelly 08.05.08 at 8:43 am

I think your blog is one I discovered in my limited internet access overseas and I probably haven’t commented there yet. I’ll come say hi :)

Your blog is always an interesting and useful read. I think every blogger should subscribe to it. It’s helped me find my way as to what blogging means to me and how I want to fit it into my life. So, thanks.


32 Kelly 08.05.08 at 8:47 am


I know what you mean. My hubby does things like comes up beside me, sighs VERY loudly and asks “Now what are you doing?” And then I know he’s had enough and it’s time to shut up shop.


33 Bill - Online Business Logic 08.06.08 at 1:04 am

Oh no… great post but I think you just lost me quite a few hours of work over the next few days – looks like you have similar interests to me and there are a bunch of blogs there which I’m not yet familiar with! I’m also a big fan of Darren Rowse, and Yaro Starak… you might also want to check out Internet Business Mastery which is where I first heard about Tim Ferriss. Absolutely love 4 Hour Work Week and have been using a lot of the ideas in there to restructure my business over the past few months.

Anyway, thanks for some great recommendations – I’m off to do some reading 😉

Bill – Online Business Logic’s last blog post..Using WordPress to build websites as a CMS

34 funnygirl 08.07.08 at 10:48 pm

Very nice.

35 Gunfighter 08.08.08 at 1:28 am

I would pay good money to see you do the full haka!

Gunfighter’s last blog post..Sometimes I Dream

36 Kelly 08.08.08 at 10:08 am

Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I’ll check out Internet Business Mastery. It sounds familiar so I may have stumbled upon it before. Tim really is an inspiration, isn’t he?

If I add video to this site in the future, who knows what I’ll do…


37 Cath Lawson 08.13.08 at 9:18 am

Hi Kelly – Thank you for the link love. That’s a lot of reading. And you’ve reminded me of how much time I spend reading blogs too, as I have all of those in my reader. But, to pinch a quote from that famous shampoo company – They’re worth it.

Cath Lawson’s last blog post..Legacies, Links, Bad Ads And Puker Powder

38 STJohn 11.22.08 at 6:00 pm
39 sandrar 09.10.09 at 11:55 pm

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

40 Immuhpala 12.13.09 at 1:44 pm

True words, some true words man. Made my day!

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