Why Blogging is Like Backpacking

by Kelly on September 28, 2008 · 57 comments

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Photo by Jeff Bauche

I love travel. But more than that, I love backpacking. I never feel more alive than when my possessions are bundled into a 20kg pack, I have money in the bank, my passport in my pocket and no idea where tomorrow will take me.

One of the things I really love about backpacking, and that I miss when I return home after months away, is the friends you make on the road.

There is something about people being out of their comfort zone and away from family, friends and their community that allows everyone to free up, shake off their adopted social persona and be much more real.

I am the purest version of myself when I am backpacking. I rarely get stressed, even when I’m lost, stranded and everything goes wrong ( and that happens all the time when you’re backpacking in third world countries). I am not caught up in the little annoyances of life. There are no imposed responsibilities and obligations and I don’t have to please anyone but myself.

Backpacking is total freedom. Life cut back to basics. For me, backpacking is my idea of heaven.

Okay, I get it, you like backpacking! But what does this have to do with blogging?

If you’re anything like me, blogging is a world that is your own. It doesn’t exist for the family, for calculated career advancement, or to elevate your status.

Blogging is a pure expression of you. It is a way to connect, share and add some inspiration to your life.

Backpacking is exactly the same.

I am as obsessed with blogging as I am with backpacking.

On the road, people are much more open with each other than they are in the ‘real world’. We’re alone or traveling in a duo and we are all trying to work our way through a foreign land, and maybe even a foreign language.

Fellow travelers become our new network, and unlike at home where making new friends may be an anomaly, on the road it is a necessity unless you plan on talking to yourself for weeks on end. Fun and adventure don’t tend to go with complete isolation.

Because we are all seeking connection, backpackers rarely bother with the kind of pointless chitchat you might talk about home (interest rates, your lousy boss etc). We get to know each other much quicker on the road. We share ourselves, our stories, our problems, our life lessons, fears, hopes and dreams.

On the road conversations have a depth and an honesty that I love. I hate meaningless conversation. I like to discuss inspirational stuff – personal goals, world issues, big ideas, my novel! I like to support people to push themselves through self imposed barriers to new levels of personal freedom and happiness.

Is any of this sounding familiar?

Bloggers Create Communities Just Like Backpackers

Blogging creates a similar world to backpacking in that we share, we bond, and we get personal about our own life journeys. We form a global community where we support each other and our projects, and it is irrelevant where we come from or what we do. What is important is who we are and that we see ourselves in each other.

The people who comment on my blog, and whose blogs I read and comment on regularly are my online world. You are my friends, my confidants and a vital part of my everyday life experience.

As a writer, mother, subrbanised ex-adventurer and a new member of a community (I moved 1.5 hours away from most of my friends 3 years ago), I can easily feel isolated and uninspired by life.

SHE-POWER and the blogasphere helps me connect with others, be myself and continue my journey in self development and writing from the comfort of my living room. Blogging has opened my eyes to technology and new possibilities and it has helped me shake off the shackles of my people pleasing ways.

Blogging has changed my life just as much as backpacking.

Thank You To My Blogging Friends

Today, I want to pay tribute to all my blogging friends, who listen to my ravings, provide me with inspiration, opinions, laughs, thought provoking material, a shoulder to cry on, and an outlet that is all mine. Just like backpacking.

I’m talking about you:

Vered at MomGrind

Chris at WatDaWat

Cath Lawson – Business Blogging Genius

Charlie at Productive Flourishing

Evelyn at Attraction Mind Map

Mark at My Tropical Escape

Marelisa at Abundance Blog

Urban Panther’s Lair

Robin at Let’s Live Forever

Monika at The Writers Manifesto

Shilpan at Success Soul

Kailani at An Island Life

Jenny Mannion at Heal Pain Naturally

Al at 7P Productions

Lance at Jungle of Life

Natural at Laughing Out Loud Blog

Mary at Good Life Zen

Terence at Internet Entrepreneur Diary / Smile My Day

Barbara at Blogging Without A Blog

Space Age Sage

Tim Brownson, Life Coach Extraordinaire at A Daring Adventure

Gunfighter at A Modern Warrior’s Life

And I’d also like to acknowledge some new readers and new blogging friends. Welcome to my little corner of the blogaspehere, guys and I hope to learn much more about you.

Jay at The Depp Effect

Stacey at Create Balance

Alex at Someday Syndrome

Rita at Rita’s Digest

Mike at Exit 78

B.C Doan at Reach Beyond Limits

Avital at Creativity Prompt

Harmony at Golden Zen

Hunter Nuttall

J.D Meier at Sources of Insight

Akemi at Yes To Me

Graham at A Few Strong Words

Myrko at Awake Blogger

Wendi at Life’s Little Inspirations

Wearing Mascara

Victoria at Little Shavings From My Ration of Light

And special mention to Roz, Shelley and Donna who drop in from my real life to share my online world. I really appreciate the support, ladies.

Of course the problem with naming your friends in public is I am opening myself up for an anxiety attack as I wonder “Did I forget anybody?”

I hope not. :)

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1 JeFF Bauche 11.28.08 at 12:22 am

I like backpacking and photogaphy.
In fact, I’M a professional backpacker photographer.

So.. can you please put my name and a link to my website under my picture please..
It’s the minimum you can do when you use my picture..


JeFF Bauche

JeFF Bauche’s last blog post..M o n k s

2 Kelly 11.28.08 at 8:59 am


This is a magnificent shot and I did find it on Flickr’s creative commons site. But from what I’ve read there it doesn’t say where exactly I have to put the credit for the photo. All photos I use are credited at the bottom of my post because that’s what works best for the layout of my email subscribers.

Since you’re asking nicely and this is an old post I will place your name under the photo, but I haven’t done anything wrong according to the creative commons licence.


3 LisaNewton 12.07.08 at 1:32 am

I’m flabbergasted. What a post, and it’s so true. Although I’m not a backpacker, I’m a walker, and when I’m walking, I feel very similar to this. I’m on my own, with my own thoughts, just me and my feet, oh, plus my camera.

LisaNewton’s last blog post..Goals vs. Resolutions for 2009

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