Introducing the SHE-POWER Marriage Series

by Kelly on November 29, 2008

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“All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different.”

-John Berger, Writer

I have been trying to write a post about the SECRETS TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE and I kept coming up with the usual problem. I have too much to say on this topic for one post.

Rather than to cull my ideas or write a couple of mammoth posts that will be a struggle to read, I’ve decided to write a Marriage Series, with each post focusing on the different elements that create a lasting, happy relationship.

Let me be clear, I don’t see these articles as only having value for people who are married. I’m calling it a Marriage Series because I happen to be married, and to be honest, I’m thinking it’ll probably search well on Google :)

To my mind, the series will really apply to any and all committed relationships: Married. Shacked up in un-wedded bliss. Gay. Straight. Hell, there might even be something in there for the polygamists!

I think we all really want the same things when it comes to lasting love:

Commitment, Trust, Security, Acceptance, Passion, and Connection among other things

And while I agree with Berger that all relationships are unique, I think there are some common flaws and basic human needs which make all of us a lot more similar behind closed doors than we might like to think.

So, starting on Monday, I’ll be throwing my views around and sharing my experiences with what it takes to stay happy with your other half.

See you then.


And Happy Thanksgiving!

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