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by Kelly on August 20, 2009 · 14 comments

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dscn0510I’ve been thinking the past week I really should get back into my blog. I realize it’s been awhile now and I would like to thank all of you who have written to tell me how much I am missed.

It’s good to know I might fill some kind of space – no matter how small – in the world of others.

What I’ve been doing in my blogging break is writing fiction, tending to family and friends, going on holidays and overseeing house extensions. It’s been a busy time and I can’t actually believe 3 months have passed since my last blog post!

The house extension has been the most exciting project as it involved the construction of a NEW WRITING STUDIO for me. One that has a large window out to my garden and french doors that open up to my back patio. It’s bright and relaxing, and has the added bonus that if I’m feeling particularly lazy I can walk outside and slip right into the hammock, where I can swing above the agapanthus and daydream to my hearts content.img_2357

After years of working at the kitchen table and having no space to call my own in our house, it is exhilarating to finally have a room where I can go, shut the door and create, read or just sleep if I want to.

No more moving notes around to make way for meals, or wrenching papers and books out of the way of messy 5 year old fingers. Now I can decorate a room in whatever style I choose, put up some of my travel prints, pictures of loved ones, and even favourite quotes, anything that will keep me inspired to sustain my writing momentum.

The other event worth discussing that happened in the past 3 months was I went to Melbourne with Musicman and Bunny for a little winter vacation.

dscn0329If you know anything about Australia, you know it’s a bloody large country. Melbourne is in Victoria, another state and an 11 hour drive from where I live near Sydney, New South Wales. Definitely not a hop, skip or a jump. However, we did split the trip up by staying with friends in Albury, a lovely country town near the Victorian border.

Melbourne is a lot colder than Sydney so I had quite a rude shock when we arrived. In Sydney you can get by without a coat in Winter – a jacket will suffice. In Melbourne, a good coat is essential, and as I discovered on our leisurely drive out to the Mornington Peninsula, a beanie and gloves too. When those icy winds rolled in from Antarctica I thought my ears were going to freeze and fall off.

Melbourne is a foodie’s paradise and MusicMan and I indulged our grumbling stomachs at every opportunity – rich, saucy desserts and thick soups that were more like casseroles were highlights. And a bonus of visiting Melbourne in winter was that there were no crowds at all the most beautiful parts of the city and the peninsula. We had a table near the window at Brighton Baths with an uninterrupted view out over the pier and Port Phillip Bay.

dscn0434We cruised St Kilda and Southbank without falling over people and there were more seagulls than tourists on our day in Sorrento. We also spent some quality time with family and considering my visits to Melbourne are usually a two day rush, this was something special for me.

Melbourne also had a certain attraction to me as a blogger because this is where Robin from Lets Live Forever is based with her partner, Frank. Robin has written about our visit here, and like her, I found it amazing how much it felt like we already knew each other.

Blogging really does allow you access to the authentic person within, and meeting Robin in person was no different than our online exchanges, except way better. It makes me wonder if I would get on so fabulously with all my international blogging friends. One day I would like the opportunity to find out.dscn0371

I also really enjoyed Robin showing me the energetic and rather groovy suburb she lives in. It reminds me a lot of some of the places I’ve called home over the years and if I was to move to Melbourne I think she could well find herself with us as a neighbour.

Frank and MusicMan also hit it off talking about music and were soon closeted in the recording studio like old friends. Robin even gave Riley a few of her books – she’s an accomplished author you know – and we’ve had a lot of fun reading them since we got home.

All in all, our trip to Melbourne was a wonderful holiday; maybe not as thrilling as Europe last year, but far easier and less expensive.  I had a ball and can’t wait to go back.

Though maybe next time I’ll go when I can leave the ear muffs at home. :)


NB:  Jasper the dog in the first photo is not mine, but I sure wish he was. This was taken in Albury at our friend’s house. I will also post a photo of my writing studio when I’ve finished decorating and when I get a new camera – my old one died.

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1 Frank 08.20.09 at 8:58 pm

Hi Kelly, Musicman, and Rugrat(bunny) was so lovely to meet you all, looking forward to the next time, has Musicman got his
Microcorg yet?.

Take care

2 Natural 08.20.09 at 9:09 pm

your writing room sounds great, especially the large window. lots of sun light. enjoy it!
.-= Natural´s last blog ..Herstory In the Making =-.

3 Lance 08.20.09 at 10:22 pm

Hi Kelly,
So good to see you back! And an addition on your home, how cool is that! No wonder you’ve been busy. And I can’t agree more on how completely awesome it is to meet other bloggers in real life – it’s so great!
.-= Lance´s last blog ..Laugh Out Loud! =-.

4 Evelyn Lim 08.20.09 at 10:37 pm

What a lucky gal you are!! A beautiful writing room! Being able to walk out into the garden sounds like a dream! I hope to get mine soon.

It is great to know that you had been having a wonderful vacation. I have been to Melbourne like more than ten years ago. Reading about the place in your post brought back a flood of memories.

I like the picture of all three of you. I kept scrolling back to see your smiling faces. The picture gave me a very nice, warm and fuzzy feeling.
.-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..Creation, Intention, Consciousness =-.

5 Robin 08.20.09 at 10:43 pm

Ha Kelly – now you know why I am always wingeing about the weather – the grey beach scene is a classic. It was such fun having you over and we wished you could have stayed longer – I could have shown you the even more groovy suburbs nearby! (and got to those ducks) (and taken you out somewhere) Love from Rob x
.-= Robin´s last blog ..Physical Immortality Discussion On =-.

6 Sami - Life, Laughs & Lemmings 08.21.09 at 6:44 am

Hey Kelly, great to have you back! For someone sitting at the kitchen table as I type this, your writing studio sounds divine. I too will have my own space in about 3 weeks after my sister and her partner move out of our place and I take up “writing residence” in what is currently their bedroom. I can’t wait (for the space that is, not for them to move out)!

I know what you mean about Melbourne. It’s even worse when you come from Queensland!
.-= Sami – Life, Laughs & Lemmings´s last blog ..Australian Road Trip Dream Achieved =-.

7 Marelisa 08.21.09 at 6:47 am

Hi Kelly: A room of your own, I see you’re following Virginia Woolf’s advice. :-) Welcome back!
.-= Marelisa´s last blog ..Does Nirvana Reside in the Right-Side of the Brain? =-.

8 donna 08.21.09 at 7:53 am

Hi Kel,
its great to read another of your posts, you write so well its doesn’t matter what your topic is I always enjoy the read.
On the subject of Melbourne it is a overcast 17 degree’s today with the wind blowing the bay is all chopped up; its fantastic.

9 Vered - Blogger for Hire 08.21.09 at 10:51 am

So you finally have a room of your own! This is great.

Your Melbourne vacation sounds fantastic. I said it already on Robin’s blog – I’m jealous that the two of you got to meet in person!

10 Roz Mitchell 08.21.09 at 12:54 pm

Welcome back Kelly cant wait to where your next adventure will take me .Good blogging and writing .

11 Dot 08.22.09 at 12:40 am

A writing room built just for you — that’s awesome. I’m glad you’ve been working on your fiction. I think we have to follow our instincts about when we need breaks. I wasn’t sure you’d be back, but I’m glad you are.
.-= Dot´s last blog ..Comment on Summer Joys by Dot =-.

12 Kelly 08.24.09 at 7:53 pm

Really enjoyed meeting you too. Look forward to the next time. As for the micro-whatsitface, um, I have no idea???

Yes, I am not a gardener, but I do like to look at the lush greenery in my back yard. It’s very soothing.

Thanks for welcoming me back. Meeting up with fellow bloggers is wonderful. How cool would it be if more of us managed to actually meet in person?

I am very lucky and after years of the kitchen table and writing with noise all around me, I feel very grateful for this beautiful new space.


13 Kelly 08.24.09 at 8:00 pm

I am disappointed Bunny wasn’t into visiting the ducks. I tell you, it was the thought of walking. He’s a shocker at never wanting to walk anywhere! Next time we’ll have to have longer and you can show me around more. I do love Melbourne, even with its damn contrary weather.

Yes, I imagine Queenslanders would suffer terribly in a Melbourne winter. Your state is the best place to be at this time of year – that’s why we all fly up there for long weekends to thaw out.

Thank you :)


14 Kelly 08.24.09 at 8:06 pm

Thank you for the compliment, and also for making our comfortable Melbourne holiday possible. xx

So, when can we tempt you into coming to Oz?

Thank you :)

I wasn’t sure I’d be back, if truth be told. And it was necessary to shift my focus completely to my fiction for awhile. I was feeling too ambivalent about my creative writing, and it really is my dream to be a novelist, not a pro-blogger. But I am glad to be back. I missed everyone!


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