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Big news people – I’ve been published in the new Louise Hay book, Modern-Day Miracles: Miraculous Moments and Extraordinary Stories from People All Over the World Whose Lives Have Been Touched by Louise L. Hay. This very exciting news came about a month ago, but there’s been a lot going on in my life (will […]


I know I haven’t posted for awhile, so I thought I’d share some of what I have been writing. I’m working a lot on my fiction and am currently slipping between work on the third draft of Running with the Dead and a new novel about a young female vampire. I have no idea if […]


I’ve been giving a good deal of thought to creating the perfect writing space lately. As I posted a couple of weeks ago, I have a new writing studio, which means now I have to decorate it and create an environment that is  quiet, uncluttered, creative, and nurturing. I’ve already installed a nice comfy bed […]


A few people have contacted me to report there’s been a problem with my website and the possibility that someone is sending SPAM through SHE-POWER. Emails were sent out overnight for a ‘new post’, with the contents being a few disjointed and nonsensical sentences that were, according to my mother, offensive. Firstly, let me apologize […]


“Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.” – Ashleigh Brilliant, English Author and Cartoonist I thought it was time I declared what I have known and fought against this past week.  I need a blogging break. In the past month, I’ve spent over half of it sick with […]


“The quality which makes a man want to write and be read is essentially a desire for self exposure – like one of those guys who has a compulsion to take his thing out and show it on the street.” – James Jones, Author I like to keep my thing in my pants, where it […]


Happy New Year! 2009 is actually here. Still can’t believe it myself. Usually I am very reflective at the end of the year, taking stock of my accomplishments, lamenting my procrastination, and busy setting goals for the next twelve months. But this year I don’t really feel the need. I’m not sure why. In fact, […]


Sorry for the lag between posts, but the past week SHE-POWER has been undergoing renovations. After 18 months I thought it was time the site had a new look, and so here it is! The job’s not finished yet as I still want to customize the header more and change the color of the sidebar […]


The new barman’s been giving me the eye all night. He’s tall with defined biceps and straight shoulders, but he’s not my type really. Way too clean cut, and he’s a barmen for fucks sake. What can he possibly have to offer me? My head feels heavy from the weight of too many tequilas. The […]


“When you’re happy for no reason, you’re unconditionally happy. It’s not that your life always looks perfect – it’s just that however it looks, you’ll still be happy.” – Marci Shimoff, Author of Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out ———————————————– Hi guys, I haven’t been online or posting […]