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  Hi guys, I know my posting is slow at the moment. I’ve been in birthday celebrations for a few days now, hanging out with friends and family, getting lots of great gifts, traveling into the city and having a few drinks and some laughs. This photo of Bunny was taken with an Aboriginal dancer […]


I know what everyone’s saying about me. I’m not stupid. They think I am because I’m beautiful and I don’t have a job. But brains and beauty are not mutually exclusive, and I don’t have a job because I’m smart enough to know that with my looks I don’t need one. Don’t hold it against […]


Heroes for Healing is a group writing project created by Jenny Mannion that will feature over 30 spiritual teachers who have inspired and helped others, despite opposition and their work facing “criticism and nay-sayers”. When I first heard of Jenny’s project, I immediately thought of one person. A woman who I see as the mother […]


Photo by Jeff Bauche I love travel. But more than that, I love backpacking. I never feel more alive than when my possessions are bundled into a 20kg pack, I have money in the bank, my passport in my pocket and no idea where tomorrow will take me. One of the things I really love […]


Do you ever watch the evening news and feel helpless at the poverty and tragedy of the humanitarian crises taking place in the world? Your heart feels heavy at such suffering, but you wonder what you could possibly do about it. Over the past five years, 200,000 civilians have died due to violence, malnutrition, and […]


I have been a passionate reader ever since I was a child. Opening a book for me is like stepping into another world, slipping on someone else’s wardrobe and checking in their cupboards for naughty secrets. And if I’m going keep reading there better be lots of secrets! I may not want tension, conflict and […]


CHAPTER 1 JULY 2008 – ACAPULCO, MEXICO Unlike most Majikans, I was twenty eight years old before I teleported for the first time. It was a surreal experience, fading out in a dingy alley of Mexico City and flying through space and time, weightless and untethered from reality, then finding myself materializing on a beach […]

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I was wondering what to post today because it’s been a chaotic week and I’m not feeling particularly insightful or funny. Then I ambled over to Urban Panther’s Lair and saw the following meme about the Panther. It’s a good one for getting to know someone, and since I currently feel like I need to […]


I have always been a big reader. In fact, I cannot remember a time when I did not read. Sometimes I think I was born clutching a novel in my hand. But in the past 18 months I have discovered a new reading addiction. Blogs! The first blog I ever subscribed to (by email because […]


If you’re a regular reader, click HERE for my SHE-POWER Birthday post. If you’ve come from Liz Strauss’ Blog to Show showcase then Welcome to SHE-POWER. My name’s Kelly and you’ve come at the perfect time because I’m celebrating my 1 Year Blogging Anniversary, so read on to see where all the kooky and cool […]