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I’m organizing a 5th birthday party for Bunny right now. It’s going to have 40 people or so and a jumping castle and we’re taking over my father’s property, which has the room to host large gatherings. I had my wedding reception there and that was loads of fun, so hopefully this party will be […]


With Easter almost here, my mom’s birhday this weekend and my son’s 5th birthday on the horizon, my life is full of love, chocolate, gift buying and party organizing. I wanted to send you into the Easter break with a thoughtful post, but I’m not feeling particularly contemplative. Instead, I thought I’d honour the joy […]


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault, Author We have all heard that there is power in the present. This moment, and the little routines and rituals that make up your daily family existence are where happiness is found and memories […]


“The loneliest woman in the world is a woman without a close woman friend.” – George Santayana, The Life of Reason, 1905-1906 I’ve been pondering friendship lately. Partly counting my blessings, partly marveling at how different all my friends are, and partly baffled as to why some people make me feel immediately comfortable, while others […]


I know I have fallen behind on my posting schedule again. I’m endeavoring to post once a week, but sometimes life gets in the way. Today, however, something happened that I simply had to write about. I had one of those rare moments in life when you are actually struck with wonder at how happy […]


Happy New Year! 2009 is actually here. Still can’t believe it myself. Usually I am very reflective at the end of the year, taking stock of my accomplishments, lamenting my procrastination, and busy setting goals for the next twelve months. But this year I don’t really feel the need. I’m not sure why. In fact, […]


“Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.” – William Feather, 1889-1981, Writer Do you find yourself rushing a lot in your life? Juggling kids and domestic chores with clients and endless To-Do lists? Working on goals, assessing your ‘performance’, judging […]


“All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different.” -John Berger, Writer I have been trying to write a post about the SECRETS TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE and I kept coming up with the usual problem. I have too much to say on this topic for one post. Rather than to cull my ideas or […]

  Hi guys, I know my posting is slow at the moment. I’ve been in birthday celebrations for a few days now, hanging out with friends and family, getting lots of great gifts, traveling into the city and having a few drinks and some laughs. This photo of Bunny was taken with an Aboriginal dancer […]


When you ask people this question, you expect to hear cities like Paris, New York, London, even Sydney. What you probably don’t expect to hear is one of my top 3 cities – Mexico City. I’d like to say Mexico City has a bad rap for its pollution and crime, but that wouldn’t be true. […]