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Today, I’m in the mood for a list. My last one was 25 Fast Facts About Women Around the World, and it was spurred on by my reading disturbing facts about the extent to which female inequality and abuse still exists. In contrast, this list came about from me reading some silly trivia tidbits that […]


Though they ARE polite and friendly. These are the findings of two recent studies. First, Melbourne’s Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute released its shocking news that Australia has now surpassed the USA as the world’s fattest people with 26% of adult Australians now obese. The second study came courtesy of Expedia’s Best Tourist Survey, […]


some things about your colorful country are just plain loco. First let me be clear, I had a great time in Spain and I will do a post with the highlights of our visit after I get home. I won’t be able to really give the research and writing the time it deserves until then […]


For previous articles in this series, see How I Lost 9kg and Still Ate Chocolate Cake (1) and (2). Losing weight and getting fit is great, but the real reward and challenge comes in maintaining these achievements over time. So far I have discussed the importance of the following changes for sustainable weight loss: Accept […]


In Part 1 of this article series I wrote about how I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. Part of this has stemmed from my dietary habits – I’m a sweet fiend who eats for many reasons other than to fuel the body – and the rest from a general distaste […]


I love food. All kinds of cuisine – Spanish, Thai, Italian, Turkish – and especially the international cuisine of DESSERT. Oh, how I love dessert. As well as the taste sensations that food brings, for me it has added significance. Food is love. It makes me feel happy and secure, like everything is okay. I’ve […]


I so wish I was jumping for joy like this fella in the photo. In fact, I’d settle for walking around the house without coughing and having my nose run everywhere. After twelve days of a stinking, mangy flu, I’m not feeling my usual sunny self and I am ever so slowly losing my mind! […]


I’ve had a lousy week. Seven days of a respiratory infection, coupled with a feverishly ill son. I may not technically be dying, but I’ve definitely wallowed in the possibility as I’ve lain on the couch with a whimpering child and a hacking cough. Attractive image, I know. As a consequence, my posting has fallen […]


I love trivia and learning new things, so I tend to read far and wide. The following is a list of 25 Fast Facts About Women Around the World. Some are quirky, some serious, and others are just downright depressing. I tried to offer a balance of each, and hope that there’s something to make […]


It’s official. I have my Sunday and Monday nights blocked out for the next three to four months. So, don’t bother calling me because my eyeballs will be glued to the television set, and sticking a telephone to my ear as well could just get messy. Last night, I cried on and off for ninety […]