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I know I haven’t posted for awhile, so I thought I’d share some of what I have been writing. I’m working a lot on my fiction and am currently slipping between work on the third draft of Running with the Dead and a new novel about a young female vampire. I have no idea if […]


The new barman’s been giving me the eye all night. He’s tall with defined biceps and straight shoulders, but he’s not my type really. Way too clean cut, and he’s a barmen for fucks sake. What can he possibly have to offer me? My head feels heavy from the weight of too many tequilas. The […]


I know what everyone’s saying about me. I’m not stupid. They think I am because I’m beautiful and I don’t have a job. But brains and beauty are not mutually exclusive, and I don’t have a job because I’m smart enough to know that with my looks I don’t need one. Don’t hold it against […]


I have been a passionate reader ever since I was a child. Opening a book for me is like stepping into another world, slipping on someone else’s wardrobe and checking in their cupboards for naughty secrets. And if I’m going keep reading there better be lots of secrets! I may not want tension, conflict and […]


CHAPTER 1 JULY 2008 – ACAPULCO, MEXICO Unlike most Majikans, I was twenty eight years old before I teleported for the first time. It was a surreal experience, fading out in a dingy alley of Mexico City and flying through space and time, weightless and untethered from reality, then finding myself materializing on a beach […]

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This story follows on from I Like A Bit Of Phone Sex In The Morning. The series starts with The Dilemma “You don’t need me to do anything right now, do you?” Scott placed his half empty coffee mug on the kitchen bench in front of Clarissa and hovered uncertainly near her shoulder. Clarissa looked […]


This short is a continuation of Mama’s Girls The house was quiet as Clarissa walked toward the bedroom. Obviously Scott was still asleep. So much for helping with the barbecue. He’d be lucky if he was showered and dressed before everyone arrived at this rate. Opening the bedroom door, Clarissa expected to see Scott still […]


This is a continuation of The Missing Baby Clarissa watched the clock as if it was her enemy. Almost 10am and Scott still wasn’t up. She’d already hung out a load of washing, cleaned the kitchen and was on her second cup of coffee. She should have gone for a run, but she just couldn’t […]