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Today, I’m in the mood for a list. My last one was 25 Fast Facts About Women Around the World, and it was spurred on by my reading disturbing facts about the extent to which female inequality and abuse still exists. In contrast, this list came about from me reading some silly trivia tidbits that […]


Today, I’m excited to introduce my second SHE-POWER Man, Charlie Gilkey from Productive Flourishing. I’ll try not to gush, but I’m a big fan of Charlie’s. Not only is he one of the most sincere and insightful bloggers I have ‘met’ since starting SHE-POWER, but his blog really is one of a kind. Intelligent. Motivating. […]


When I started SHE-POWER Women with the beautiful Jemi, I always had in mind that I would do a partner interview series of SHE-POWER Men. Like the women’s interview series, SHE-POWER Men is about celebrating ordinary men who live their lives in extraordinary, yet simple ways. Men who like and respect women. Men who strive […]


Like forever ago, Chris Austria of Wat da Wat tagged me for a 3 Things About Me meme. I don’t do many posts like this at SHE-POWER, but because it’s Chris and I worship at the altar of his unfailing wisdom and humor… and because I’ve got ADD with no hope of writing a ‘proper’ […]


This past week was a lousy one for me. I’ve had severe PMS, which took a fiercer than normal hold this month, probably because I’m currently one big ball of frustration. Lucky for me, one of my blogging friends, Charlie Gilkey, wrote a fantastic piece this week on 21 Ways to Quickly Short-Circuit A Funk […]


I came across this image on Photobucket and liked it, partly because of the sentiment, mostly because of the delicate sweep of the downcast eyes. These eyelashes look like they’re frosted and they remind me of the butterfly kisses my son and I exchange. If you don’t know what butterfly kisses are, it’s when you […]


When I was a girl, my dad would play the guitar for my brother and I and sing our favorite folk songs before we went to sleep. He rarely yelled when we were in trouble and he was big on the “I’m disappointed in you” stare. For me, there was nothing worse than daddy being […]


Have you ever done something bold? Something exhilarating, terrifying. Something that required a courage and a determination you never dreamed possible? Maybe it was parachuting, or starting a new business, or getting married to someone you met a month ago. It doesn’t matter whether anyone else would think it’s daring, it’s only important that it […]


I love trivia and learning new things, so I tend to read far and wide. The following is a list of 25 Fast Facts About Women Around the World. Some are quirky, some serious, and others are just downright depressing. I tried to offer a balance of each, and hope that there’s something to make […]


I’m going to be honest. I am a big cynic when it comes to Valentines Day. And no, it’s not because my husband never remembers. He does. He’s great with stuff like that. He is just as likely to remember our wedding anniversary as I am, and sometimes when the whim takes him, he’ll even […]