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The new barman’s been giving me the eye all night. He’s tall with defined biceps and straight shoulders, but he’s not my type really. Way too clean cut, and he’s a barmen for fucks sake. What can he possibly have to offer me?
My head feels heavy from the weight of too many tequilas. The coke [...]


I know what everyone’s saying about me. I’m not stupid.
They think I am because I’m beautiful and I don’t have a job. But brains and beauty are not mutually exclusive, and I don’t have a job because I’m smart enough to know that with my looks I don’t need one.
Don’t hold it against me. It’s [...]


“So how long are you staying?” Claire asked her sister, the moment they were alone.
“That’s an interesting way to make me feel welcome.” Simone dropped her suitcase on the floor and turned, her eyes sparkling cheekily. “Come on, aren’t you even the teeniest bit glad to see me?”
Claire’s ignored the question. “Do you need money?”
“I’d [...]